Verifarma T&T is a traceability solution that allows you to comply with serialization standards in an efficient way


integrations with multiple ERPs.


With 13 years’ experience and more than 2000 active implementations in 20 countries.


Every coding and processes of the system are in line with international standards ensuring that the products printed with our systems are legible anywhere in the world.

Verifarma T&T is a traceability solution that allows efficient compliance with the rules of serialization lowering the production costs.

Since 2007, Verifarma is a synonym of traceability of medicines. With more than 50 customers in the region, it is one of the few companies that since this year is certified and connected to the EMVO as «OBP Connection Provider».
Verifarma offers traceability services L3, L4 and L5 has integrations in production with the most important equipment companies of the market, some of them with its L3 and others
directly with its production lines. Also, with integrations in production with 12
companies of software L4.
Basic functionalities:
– Generation and serial number administration.
– Administration and assignment of production lines and / or printers.
– Integration with CMO and/or MAH for serial administration.
– Submission of information to EMVO with all the requested events.


Resolutions and Provisions that regulate traceability in the European Union
for the pharmaceutical industry

Main benefits

It reduces or eliminates, the forgery of products.
Eases stock and inventory control.
Improves time for dispatch and reception.
Allows controlling the distribution of the products through the whole commercialization chain./h5>
The customer receives legitimate medication with quality, efficiency, guaranteed and proven safety.
Reduces logistical costs since it detects failures before the remittance of the product.

Supported identification technologies



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