Traceability service for pharmaceutical products

Regulatory Know How

We update our services according to the regulations in force in each market. Since 2011 reporting to regulatory entities.


Our experience and availability mean that all our clients always comply with the times established by government entities


Experience in implementations in all types of operations Producer, importer / exporter, distributor / 3PL, Hospital / Pharmacy, Parallel importer.

Verifarma | Track & Trace

Verifarma is an integral solution allowing the manufacturers of medical devices to administer labels, reports and quality requirements for the compliance with the new regulations on medical devices.


Main benefits

It reduces or eliminates, the forgery of products.
Eases stock and inventory control.
Improves time for dispatch and reception.
Allows controlling the distribution of the products through the whole commercialization chain./h5>
The customer receives legitimate medication with quality, efficiency, guaranteed and proven safety.
Reduces logistical costs since it detects failures before the remittance of the product.